A Brave New Post for a Brave New World!

Hello dear reader!

This is Matt speaking! You might be wondering, “How is he talking to me when I can’t see him?”

Well friend, I am using a miracle of modern technology, a series of tubes called “The Internet.” You may have heard of it under some of it’s more common names such as “the world wide web”, “cyberspace”, or “the information super-highway.”

Many people think this whole internet thing is just a fad, but we think it’s here to stay so we’ve decided to carve out a little space for ourselves here on the ‘net.

If you had visited our site a few days ago, you would have seen a static front page. Well, we’ve done away with that in favor of a blog-style front page. If you don’t know what a blog is, you better get with the times! Try a search for “blog” on yahoo, or Lycos to find out more. There’s a new one out there called google that I hear is getting pretty popular.

Anyway, if you’ve reached this page, you might have a few questions about Frank’s Super Game-O-Rama. I’ll try to give a brief summary here, but be sure to check out our FAQ page for greater info. If you are interested in helping with the Frank’s project, check out the How Can I Help? page. If you have any questions, you can reach out via the Contact page.

With all that out of the way, lets get onto a brief summary of Frank’s Super Game-O-Rama.

Frank’s will be a brick-and-mortar arcade/museum located in Philadelphia, PA. The project is simple at it’s core, but the hurdles are still high. We are looking to build a free-play community-focused arcade that brings fun and education to serious gamers and casual players alike.

I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, that just sounds like stupid fluff-talk. That’s what every place says”, and you’d be right to think that.

I’m not exactly known for being great with words, so rather than try and fill the page with a bunch of corporate sounding “positive vibes” lingo, let me just say some of the stuff we plan to do.

  • Open our doors to schools, STEM programs, Engineering programs, etc. for educational and fun field trips.
  • Give control of community events to the community itself. Run your own tournaments, organize your own leagues, host your own clubs with our complete support!
  • Start a Game Loan Program. You can loan your machines to the arcade for a cut of the profits.
  • Provide history, gameplay tips and videos on every machine in the space.
  • Have a dedicated space that can be used for education, birthday parties, or other functions.
  • Have membership options with members-only events. (If we’re lucky, maybe members-only jackets too!)

I hope this first official post gives you a rough idea of what we’re trying to achieve. Visit us every once in a while to see updates, we’ll post them here as they happen. Be sure to check out our FAQ page and our How Can I Help? page for more info and don’t be afraid to contact us. Seriously, I bet at least 2/3 of the people reading this have my direct phone number. Don’t be afraid to call!