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**NOTE** What you see in this post was the original content of the homepage. We have decided to change the homepage into a blog format so folks can keep up to date on the latest Frank news! 
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Holy moly Frank is riding the information super-highway!

Welcome to the online home of Frank’s Super Game-O-Rama! Throughout this site you’ll be able to find all kinds of info, like what our hours are, where we’re located, what games we have, what events we’re throwing and what kind of special services we offer. You’ll also be able to find historical information on the games that have graced the arcade and links to other fun gaming sites!

I know what you’re asking. You’re asking, “But Matt, I don’t see any of that cool stuff you’re talking about! Are you pulling my leg?”

Of course I’m not pulling your leg! Frank’s is still in the planning stages. I guess you could say Frank is a kitten but he’s growing fast!

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and inquiries about Frank’s. I mean *A LOT.* People want to know what the heck is going on. We’ll be answering those questions in a bunch of ways:

– You’ll soon find a blog page on this very website that has regular updates on our progress!
– You’ll Soon find a FAQ page here to answer the most common questions we’ve received so far!
– The event page is already up, but it will be updated with more events!

While you wait though, don’t forget to check out our first upcoming event and boy-howdy, is it a doozy! Frank’s has teamed up with the Glenside Machine Shop, the BGPO (Ball Goblins Pinball Organization), and MaxPower to bring you a two-day flip-fest on May 31 and June 1!

You can see the details on the Events page but I’ll also post the flyer here!

GMS Flyer

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